Selected Works  —  Music  

Apple #ShotOniPhone:  Existing track ‘Pearls’ licensed to Apple for use in their #ShotOniPhone video series.

The sparse, delicate melodies in the piece create a moment of peaceful contemplation & provide an enchanting bed for the visuals.

(Videography: Mohammed A.)
Produced by Apple)

Montblanc Advertisement:  Music for Montblanc advert featuring Cillian Murphy. Existing composition ‘Still’ re-orchestrated specially for the ‘What Moves you Makes you’ campaign, produced by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

Meditative, calming tones provide a serene backdrop for Cillian’s voice, as he reminisces about his journey as an artist and actor. The soft, cascading melodies & uplifting harmonies are intricately wound together, creating space for reflection.

(Produced by W+K Amsterdam)

NHS Advertisement:  Bespoke music for the National Health Service, created for an advert inspiring nurses around the world to relocate to the UK & join the NHS. As the largest employer in Europe, the UK’s medical institution celebrates it’s diversity and collective talent, with workers of 200 different nationalities coming together to care for the country.

An uplifting, evocative piece was required to match the visuals & story. The outcome is a dreamlike yet rousing track, inspired by shoegaze & post-rock. Celestial chimes, synthetic choir & guitar make for a transcendent atmosphere.

(Produced by MullenLowe)

Le jeu/Het spel:  4-piece soundtrack for short documentary film Le jeu/Het spel by Mariëlla van Appeldoorn. The film follows Dutch theatre group Rake Klappen on an excursion to France – in August 2020 the troupe set off to Aubenton for a week of experimentation & exploration, culminating in a performance for local residents.

Composed for traditional instrumentation, the music for intro & credits encapsulate the sound of a warm, slow summer. Contrasting with the acoustic pieces bookending the film, the group’s performances (shown here) are soundtracked electronically. An outdoor games scene is accompanied by light tones & playful harmonies. Once indoors, the mood intensifies – tuned woodblocks & reactive drumming add an element of tension to the footage.

(Director & Producer: Mariëlla van Appeldoorn)

Composition For Glass:  Soundtrack for Leo Kaspar’s Slump Studio exhibit at the London Craft Week 2020. With his glassware, Leo explores the threshold between scary, broken glass and refined, intact objects.

The composition is a musical representation of the Slump Studio concept, in two conjoined parts (‘Crystals’ & ‘Shards’). Glassy tones & ethereal ambience underpin the piece: the first half smooth & calm, the second sharp & menacing. Created to be enjoyed while taking in the intricacies of his unique glassware, this vocal version features words by Leo Kaspar. His lyrics are carefully woven into the composition, providing context and further immersion into the kiln-formed world of Slump Studio.

(Photography: Leo Kaspar)

Even The Strong Event Teaser:  Short soundtrack accompanying a promo video for an Even The Strong party. A cult London-based record label & club night, ETS has been operating since 2016 and is a staple outlet for forward-thinking, percussion-heavy dance music.

Punchy, direct & drum-laden – the piece is a 30 second representation of the ETS experience. Subtly nestled within the audio are samples of tracks by Even The Strong’s founder, NKC – taken from his breakout Hague Basement EP.

(Video: Anton Lenander)

Snowmarch: Original orchestral arrangement. Themes of winter & remote mountain vistas.

Suspension:  Minimalist abstraction exploring space & perception through phasing & stereo image. Alien ASMR.

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