Selected Works  —  Audio Art 

Slop Clop Gurgle Gloop:  Collaboration with artist Laura Robertson. First installed at Underland Passages (Art Week Exeter 2023) & the foot sinks into it (The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington).

Originally created for installation underground, Slop Clop Gurgle Gloop is a 31 minute audio piece made from sounds of slime & the human body interacting with it. The material of slime is given a voice via physical manipulation and sonic processing, developing over the length of the composition. Themes of subterranea, fluid geology, deep time & abject matter are central to the work.

Released as a limited USB drive, edition of 20.

(Audio recorded by Laura Robertson & Alex Kearney)
(Photography: Dom Moore & Jim Wileman)

Traversal:  Sound work created from recordings taken whilst walking in rural south west England. Initially aired as part of Radiophrenia 2023, a temporary art radio station broadcast from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. Subsequently aired on Soundart Radio.

Navigating forests, moors, meadows & coastlines, the audio encompasses transit in all weathers — from the fog of Dartmoor to a sunny southern beach. The rhythm of footsteps takes the foreground, providing a steady & comforting cadence. Alongside the sound of the human, the environment itself emerges: grass, stones, water, wind. Traversal offers a moment to enter a state of mindfulness, supplies a brief escape into the wilderness — or, is simply an opportunity to experience the sound of the landscape.

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