Selected Works  —  Sound Design 

Weather Sound System (Unrealised):  Commission for a sound design system to match the visuals of a reactive website logo, the changing appearance & movement of which was dictated by live weather data from the site of a building. Sounds were to represent various weather parameters, matched to visual counterparts in the animated logo. Emphasis was on the audio being fluid, organic & calming — appropriate for the activities taking place in the building.

A rigorous audio programme was formulated for the client. Weather conditions are divided into temperature, precipitaion, wind speed, tide, time of day & season. Each parameter is represented by an individual looping sound, in addition to being a method of processing or arranging all sounds together. This was necessary due to the mix of discrete & continuous data in effect, in addition to the requirement of articulating interaction between weather variables. A naturalistic approach was taken for designing the sounds themselves.

Two different scenarios are presented here, demonstrating the concept. A text document with a comprehensive breakdown & explanation of the parameters was created alongside the audio.

Rake Klappen Sound Logo:  Sonic ident for Dutch theatre group Rake Klappen (literal translation – Hard Blows’). Producing works of physical theatre for all ages, the group explore philosophical themes through the language of the body. Acrobatics, humour and poetic imagery are all hallmarks of a Rake Klappen performance.

The jingle was produced to serve as a mark for promotional videos, accompanying the group’s logo. The barrage of handclaps evokes the pure physicality of Rake Klappen theatre; a mallet arpeggio adding an element of playfulness. The ident ends with a bold tube-like tone reminiscent of the simplistic & unadorned, yet charming materials used for the group’s set design.

(Videography: Sjoerd Derine)
(Graphic design: Jessy van Dinther & Stefan Geesink)

Lost Sound Fonts 1980-89:  Sound logos & idents for imaginary brands. The 1980s was a decade where the branding vernacular as we know it today was taking shape; logos, idents, advertisements – all being created for forms of new media, against the backdrop of a burgeoning digital age.

Designed to sound (& look) as if they are coming straight out of a cutting edge 1980s home computer, these jingles, idents & start-up sounds act as sonic accompaniments to their respective imaginary companies.

Even The Strong Event Teaser:  Short soundtrack accompanying a promo video for an Even The Strong party. A cult London-based record label & club night, ETS has been operating since 2016 and is a staple outlet for forward-thinking, percussion-heavy dance music.

Punchy, direct & drum-laden – the piece is a 30 second representation of the ETS experience. Subtly nestled within the audio are samples of tracks by Even The Strong’s founder, NKC – taken from his breakout Hague Basement EP.

(Video: Anton Lenander)

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